Niger Honey 250g

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Haven is raw honey and is as pristine and natural as possible, in every aspect of our hive to honey jar process – from harvesting, extracting and filtering to bottling.

Our niger honey has a warm golden color with a unique smoky flavor reminiscent of brown sugar & coffee. Bittersweet, followed by a slightly spicy aftertaste with a smooth finish and medium consistency, our niger honey has a memorable fragrance and boasts many health benefits including reducing inflammation, being a natural sleep aid, curbing morning sickness and aiding in heart and digestive health.

Tasting Notes
Aroma: floral, woody & herbal
Flavors: smoky, with notes of brown sugar, coffee & chocolate
Primary Tastes: floral, bittersweet, followed by some spice
Texture: smooth with a medium thickness
Finish: medium to long with a floral undercurrent

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